The Common Good

In my lifetime I have seen the demise of the concept of “the greater good” in the USA.  Maybe it was a myth when I was a little kid in the 1960’s, but at least it was a myth. Probably back then “Common Good” was limited to members of ‘your community’ which didn’t include women or ‘foreigners’ (like the Native Americans – who are actually the only non-foreigners in the USA). But the notorious WASP of “the greatest generation” probably did at least consider the greater good….I think. I remember “The Brady Bunch” and “The Partridge Family” on TV, if not “Leave it to Beaver” – dad was always right, but at least he was theoretically listening to his wife and children. Of course, everyone was white. It took Bill Cosby to break that barrier. By this time on the other hand, everybody on TV was rich – but at least they weren’t all white.

So the great American Middle Class was starting to feel micro-aggressions at just about the same time as Blacks were being allowed into it. But fundamentally I blame the loss of the concept of The Greater Good on the loss of the middle class at the hands of the greedy “globalists”. Reagan (who famously said, “what did my grandchildren ever do for me?” and even “don’t trees give off greenhouse gasses like carbon monoxide?”) was perhaps the beginning of the end of the golden age of America. My dad was a union man and an Economics professor…he was all about the greater good. He clearly saw the problems for women in our Economy, though he may not have fully grasped the troubles for African Americans. He died in Canada in 1976.

Somewhere during those years we started loving the capitalists “job creators” – Hahahahahaha. Sure for the Philippines maybe – and exploitative jobs at that. Then we decided that Health and Education should be for-profit ventures; prisons even; as opposed to being government responsibilities. ….It was all down hill from there.

Profit is NOT a human right. It is not even a human value. It is a form of theft from the capitalist over the working classes. If I sound Communist – so what, why don’t you?

Before a project is started, any project – be it public or private, local or global – it must be vetted to see that it is good for the greater good, not just for the good of the money behind it.

It is starting to feel to me like Gaia Mother Earth is being treated as if she were here for the good of the dollar bills that we have created not for the good of the earthlings who host us. That will lead to mass extinction – and I don’t mean the rebellion!

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